• Do you know where you are wasting money in your business?

    We can identify areas of waste and improve your financial and business systems

  • Is poor cash flow hampering
    your business growth?

    We can help you manage your
    cash flow, spot potential problems
    and make your cash work harder

  • Are you looking for investment but don’t want to fall foul of the ‘Dragon’s Den’ effect?

    We can help you prepare to impress the
    banks, potential investors and funders

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Making a difference to your business

Whatever the size of your business Alpine Business Management helps you gain financial control. We recognise that just because you are a business owner, doesn’t mean you are an expert in finance and although you would benefit from the expertise of an in-house Financial Director, you possibly don’t need (or can afford) to have one full time.

Alpine Business Management can provide this hands-on expertise. We aren’t accountants and we don’t produce your Annual Accounts. What we will do is look at your financial systems, quickly find any problem areas and implement changes to rectify them. This saves waste, improves cash flow and gives you the financial information you need to make informed business decisions.

If you have a specific need, such as investment, we can provide support to help you achieve it. If your financial staff require additional training to fill their skills gap, we can do that too.
We don’t have a one-size-fits-all package. We work with each client to address their financial needs and get their business as financially fit as possible, ready to grow and be more successful.


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  • For a lot of people the dream of running your own business, one day becomes a reality.....the escape from being an 'employee' to 'running the show' has a lot of appeal, creates a lot of anticipation, optimism......and the desire to be in charge of your own destiny. A great opportunity, particularly for people who maybe have unexpectedly found themselves facing redundancy and received decent redundancy packages, in the recent times of recession, where their employer of many years has now had to let people go. Well they say every cloud has a silver lining......but does it?

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We’ve made a difference …

The pro-active pre-sales grooming of the company resulted in a strengthened balance sheet well ahead of selling the company to competitive bidders and achieving maximum price.

We’ve made a difference …

A change in Capital Expenditure policies enabled a saving in expenditure in excess of £150,000 which improved cash flow and allowed the company to make the much needed move to larger premises.

We’ve made a difference …

Following a brief review of a company’s accounts department we identified significant accounting procedural errors which, when corrected, increased the company’s cash flow in excess of £60,000