“I had the opportunity of working with Tricia for nearly 4 years. In that period she helped us to be able to significantly transform our business by keeping us totally on track financially.

At the time we met Tricia we had a strong business with 50+ dedicated staff, a fantastic service and product and a growing customer base. What we didn’t have was excellent financial management.

After doing a review on our business Tricia became involved on a regular basis improving our systems and controls on the finance side. The in depth management information she was able to provide enabled us to make key management decisions with confidence that we could commit to suppliers and customers - knowing we had full financial control.

We were able to put strategic plans in place committing to growing Windowcare UK from 2.4 to 7.5 million turnover, in 3 years with 160 employees. We achieved this comfortably always in the knowledge that Tricia could inform us of the financial impact on everything we were doing.

Our confidence in her skills and ability resulted in us offering her a role on our Board of Directors as Finance Director. During the process of preparing our business for sale she also played an integral role in the pre-sales grooming of the business and the financial due diligence aspects. She remained in this role until the successful sale of the business to a global organisation. I happily recommend her to companies needing financial skills bringing to the boardroom.”

Ian Davy

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“Tricia helped us at a distressing and difficult time when our business went into liquidation. The real sad thing was that we had asked for help when it was too late. Had we known Tricia a year earlier or sought help a year earlier we could still have a healthy business.”

Mr & Mrs Craven

“Since I’ve known Tricia I now understand the difference between just running a business and actually managing, developing and growing a business. The second is a lot more fun and far more profitable.”

Jennifer Dowling

“I like her down to earth approach which was tailored exactly to my business. She actually helped me avoid making a very costly mistake which would have affected me for years to come. Recommend her to anyone wanting good honest business advice.”

Elizabeth Ryland

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