Improve your cash flow and protect the future of your business

It will come as no surprise to business owners that cash flow is one of the main problem areas for SME businesses and one which poses not only a risk to growth but also to their very survival.

In a UK wide survey by Santander Corporate & commercial in 2013, this was further backed up by almost one is six (17%) of SME’s saying they were ‘very concerned’ about managing cash flow in the next 12 months with a further 27% saying they were ‘quite concerned’. In addition around half (46%) of businesses stated that they had been hit by at least one recent cash flow set back.

Understanding and controlling your cash flow is essential for business survival and will ensure you can foresee any potential problems and address them in good time. Financial institutions are far more willing to help a company that can be seen to have control of their cash flow and finances even if they have a temporary funding need.

We can help to put financial controls in place that will control cash flow, giving you the confidence to use surplus cash to develop the business further and avoiding any short term cash flow problems that can sink businesses, even those who are successful in all other respects.

If you are worried that you don’t have sound controls in place to manage your cash flow, contact us and book in for our free initial consultation.

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