Mergers and Acquisitions Assistance

Alpine Business Management can support and advise you throughout any merger or acquisition process. If you are selling a business having the right team will allow you to structure your exit to maximum benefit for you.

There are different forms of business sale with differing tax liabilities, some far more onerous than others. You may wish to retain a shareholding from which you can continue to benefit and receive dividends after you have disposed of part of your business for example.

Alpine’s proactive team working alongside you on the pre-sales growing and exit planning will endeavour to create a pool of potential buyers interested in your company. This creates a healthy competitive market and a higher price along with the correct positioning of your business.

In our experience, business owners can become too close to their business and may miss opportunities. A potential buyer is often not in a sector that you would expect to be looking at your business and we can help you widen the net.

Our confidential service provides you with the correct procedures that minimise risks to your business throughout the process.

If you are thinking of selling or buying a business and would like some independent advice, please contact us and book in for our free initial consultation

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